LIRujie,TANG Libin,ZHANG Yuping,et al.Research Progress of Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dots and Their Photodetectors[J].Infrared Technology,2020,42(5):405-419.[doi:10.11846/j.issn.1001_8891.202005001]


《红外技术》[ISSN:1001-8891/CN:CN 53-1053/TN]



Research Progress of Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dots and Their Photodetectors
1. 昆明物理研究所;2. 北京理工大学 物理学院;
3. 云南省先进光电材料与器件重点实验室

LIRujie123TANG Libin123ZHANG Yuping13ZHAO Qing2
1.Kunming Institute of Physics; 2.School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology;
3. Yunnan State Key Laboratory of Advanced Photoelectric Materials and Devices

quantum dot photodetector material preparation photoelectric device
Infrared technologies provide tremendous value to our modern-day society, in the fields of remote sensing, imaging, metrology, product inspection, environmental monitoring, and biomedical diagnostics. The demand for the third-generation infrared photodetectors, to enable easy-to-fabricate, low-cost, and tunable infrared active optoelectronic materials, has driven the development of infrared colloidal quantum dots (CQDs). This review introduces the preparation methods of infrared CQDs and development of infrared CQD detectors, and lists the representative research results of CQDs in the field of optoelectronics. Finally, the infrared quantum dot photodetectors are summarized, and several research problems are proposed. The results of this study guide the commercialization of the infrared quantum dot detector.


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