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《红外技术》[ISSN:1001-8891/CN:CN 53-1053/TN]



Determination Methods and Development Status of Photoelectric Detector
Damaged by Strong Laser
高 润牛春晖李晓英吕 勇
北京信息科技大学 仪器科学与光电工程学院,北京 100192
?GAO RunNIU ChunhuiLI XiaoyingLYU Yong
?College of Instrumentation Science &photoelectric Engineering, Beijing Information Science & Technology University,
Beijing 100192, China
laser-induced damagedetermined methodsdamage thresholdphotoelectric detector
?In modern high-tech war, as the core of the photoelectric devices, CCD detector is easily dazzled and damaged by lasers due to its extremely-high sensitivity, and severe cases will lead to internal structure damage and material of permanent damage which makes the detector can’t work normally. So it has been a hot topic to study the hard damage of detector irradiated by laser, and the determination of determination methods and damage threshold are the keys to in-depth study of the damage mechanism. In recent years, the determination methods of detector damaged by laser are continuously improved and some new methods also appeared, which makes the accuracy and reliability of the discriminant results improved. This paper mainly focuses on determination methods of photoelectric detector damaged by laser to carry on the comprehensive summary including mechanism and development trend, which builds a good foundation for the further study of damage mechanism as well as providing the theoretical basis and research methods for the protection or deliberately damage of detector.


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