ZHAO Jian-hong,SONG Li-yuan,JI Rong-bin,et al.Research Progress of Graphene in the Field of Photoelectric Detection[J].Infrared Technology,2014,36(8):609-616.[doi:10.11846/j.issn.1001_8891.201408002]


《红外技术》[ISSN:1001-8891/CN:CN 53-1053/TN]



Research Progress of Graphene in the Field of Photoelectric Detection
1.云南大学 物理科学技术学院,云南 昆明 650091;2.昆明物理研究所,云南 昆明 650223
ZHAO Jian-hong1SONG Li-yuan2JI Rong-bin2XIANG Jin-zhong1TANG Li-bin2
1.Department of Physical Science and Technology, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, China;
2.Kunming Institute of Physics, Kunming 650223, China
grapheneband structuremobilityinfrared detector
Graphene, a kind of advanced carbon material, has zero band gap, high electron mobility at room temperature, low electrical resistivity, high transmittance and many unique characteristics. Graphene related research works have widely aroused people’s attentions, which has become the frontier of condensed matter physics and material science. In this paper, the band structure and properties of graphene are briefly introduced, the application and research of graphene in photoelectric detection are mainly discussed, and the problems and prospect are pointed out.


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